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USB DJ audio interface

24-bit sound quality

Internal & external mixing mode

Reloop presents one of the smallest DJ soundcards on the market. Special high-gain outputs allow for an extremely loud club sound with outstanding 24-bit audio quality, while the USB 2.0 ASIO/CORE driver technology provides the lowest possible latency.

Reloop Play offers two output modes. With the ‘external mixer mode’ you can route two separate stereo channels to an external club mixer. In the second, ‘controller mode,’ a master output is routed to the sound system and it is possible to connect headphones directly to the interface allowing pre-mix cueing. This mode is especially suited to laptop DJs or controllerists, mixing internally with or without a MIDI controller. The volume for both stereo channels can be individually adjusted via separate controls and the signal status LEDs allow a visual indication that everything remains under control.

Key Features:

USB DJ soundcard

Take high-quality audio from your PC and play it through your system

Easy set-upUSB powered for easy portability

Please Note: All models from Serial number G1209xxx and up are NOT compatible with Windows 10.

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