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  • Redwave Carbon

Redwave Carbon

The drivers are 50mm neodymium-powered units, compared to the more common 40mm headphone driver size. This gives the Red Wave Carbons a particularly deep and potent bass response. When combined with their high-temperature/high-power voice coils, the overall effect is one of effortless aural authority, where every nuance is reproduced with detail and accuracy. Special consideration was also paid to comfort and convenience, in addition to great audio performance. The ear pads are a special breathable protein-leather material, which stay comfortable and cool, with no “sweating,” during extended sessions. As a perfect finishing touch, a custom carrying pouch is included to store the headphones, cable and adapter.


• High-quality full-range headphones designed for DJs

• Swivel design enables DJs to monitor house audio and cue audition

• Breathable protein-leather padding stays comfortable during extended use

• Large 50mm driver, neo magnet and high-temp voice coil for optimal frequency response

• Detachable headphone cable with 1⁄8" adapter for use with virtually any DJ gear

• Professional build and modern design matched with superior sound

• Includes carry pouch to protect and store headphones, cable and adapter

“DJs have very specific demands for their headphones and honestly, most just don’t measure up,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “With Red Wave Carbon, we really listened to what DJs needed to make their lives easier. The Red Wave Carbons sound really great, and they also have the comfort and versatility that meets all the unique demands of a professional DJ. We’re very excited about these.”

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Redwave Carbon

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