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Closed-back studio headphones

Flat frequency response


The SHP-1 have been designed to provide an accurate representation of every detail in a track. The neutral, balanced sound across the frequency spectrum means producers can know exactly how their new track will sound when it’s taken on the road. But more than being neutral, the SHP-1 also produce a remarkable amount of detail in the sound stage, without becoming fatiguing. The balanced bass range, precise mids and crystal clear highs give an unaltered impression of your productions, while at the same time avoiding unpleasant surprises when hearing the track later in the club.

The high output also guarantees distortion-free playback, thus meeting all demands when it comes to studio headphones.

The SHP-1 studio headphones are designed with extended mixing and listening sessions in mind. The extra-large circumaural construction not only caters for maximum isolation (even at high ambient noise levels), but also guarantees a high level of comfort, thanks to the thick ear pads and spacious bracket padding. In addition, the over-sized construction also means the headphones stay in place on your head, without slipping.

In addition to comfort, Reloop have also aimed to deliver on style as well. With their traditional yet intelligent design, the SHP-1 are beautiful to behold. The ear cups are adorned with the classic Reloop logo, while the detachable mini jacks create a perfect stereo experience.

Key Features:

Professional studio headphones in a closed-back construction

Large, rotatable earcups

Neutral playback, perfect for mastering and mixing

Extremely comfortable ear cushions for highest comfort even during long studio sessions

Detachable cable

Outstanding sound characteristics for precise low, clean mid and crisp high frequencies

High-quality manufacturing with reinforced bracket construction

High output power

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