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BX Subwoofer Premium Active 10" Studio Subwoofer


The BX Subwoofer delivers deep, accurate bass response down to the lowest audible frequencies, picking up where your left/right studio monitors leave off. Recording professionals know that hearing the extreme low frequencies in music is essential for making accurate mixing adjustments and producing the best recordings. The BX Subwoofer easily fulfills this requirement in a powerful and compact package that won’t take up too much of your valuable studio space.

The BX Subwoofer’s frequency response extends down to 20Hz (-3 dB), the lowest audible frequency. It uses the highest-quality components for no-compromise performance: a 10” fiberglass/paper composite driver with an oversized magnet and high-temperature 2” voice coil, powered by a 240-watt Class AB all-discrete internal amplifier with a variable 50-200 Hz crossover. The cabinet is constructed of resonant-free ¾” Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) with 1” front and rear baffles, and is heavily braced to eliminate the extraneous cabinet vibrations that can rob a subwoofer of its impact and articulation.

However, pure acoustic performance is not the only thing that’s important to you. Therefore, we’ve focused on making the BX Subwoofer as easy to connect and convenient to use as possible.

To give it the connection and use flexibility needed to accommodate any system configuration, the BX Subwoofer has a full complement of inputs, outputs and controls.


Two XLR balanced/unbalanced inputs; two TRS balanced/unbalanced inputs; two unbalanced RCA inputs


Two XLR balanced/unbalanced outputs for satellites; two TRS balanced/unbalanced outputs for satellites


-Volume/gain control

-Phase inverse switch for a seamless system frequency response, regardless of the subwoofer’s location in the studio

- Variable 50-200 Hz crossover control to blend perfectly with L/R monitors of all sizes

- Subwoofer bypass footswitch

You’ll find the footswitch particularly useful when you want an instantaneous comparison of how your mix sounds with and without a dedicated subwoofer.

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BX Subwoofer Premium Active 10" Studio Subwoofer

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